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About Us

Encompass Psychology is a partnership of three highly experienced and respected Clinical Psychologists who specialise in working with children and young people with disabilities, and their families.

christine Mellor - Encompas PsyhologyDr Samantha Todd graduated from the University of Manchester with an Honours degree in Psychology, before completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Samantha is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society. In addition to publications in peer-reviewed journals, she is the author of “The Little Guide to the Autism Spectrum”, a guide for parents and professionals.


christine Mellor - Encompas PsyhologyDr Christine Mellor holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and since qualifying has gained over ten years experience in providing psychological sevices to autistic children and children with learning disabilities and their families. Christine has a particular interest in working with autistic children and their families. Christine is a contributing author to the book ‘Clinical Psychology and People with Intellectual Disabilities’.

christine Mellor - Encompas PsyhologyDr Jo Bromley (Clin.Psy.D.; C.Psychol) is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who currently works as Service Lead for the Clinical Service for Children with Disabilities in Manchester (part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust). Jo has worked with children with disabilities and their families for over twenty years and is one of the editors of ‘Clinical Psychology and People with Intellectual Disabilities’. She has a particular interest in passing on psychological knowledge to parents so they can best understand and support their child’s well-being. As part of her NHS role, Jo works in a multidisciplinary team to support parents whose children may have Autism. She also provides ongoing support to autistic children and their families and is interested in providing training to help others appreciate the perspective of those whoe are autistic

Alongside her colleagues Christine and Sam, Jo has been integral in developing Riding the Rapids, an evidence based 10 week course aimed at helping parents of children with additional needs best support their child.

Jo, Christine and Samantha all have many years’ experience delivering high quality psychological services in the NHS to children with disabilities and their families. They are skilled in the development, evaluation and delivery of individual and group interventions for children and parents/ carers. The partnership has a strong track record in delivering teaching/ training, supervision and consultation.

The Encompass partners are the co-authors of “Riding the Rapids;™, a group based parent intervention specifically designed for the parents/ carers of children with additional needs.