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What does the training entail?

To train to be a Riding the Rapids facilitator you will need to complete the approved 2 day training course run by Encompass. Potential facilitators are only given the licence to run the course on satisfactory completion of the training. Two trained facilitators are required to run each Riding the Rapids parent group.

A Riding the Rapids facilitator course provides a session by session grounding in the Riding the Rapids model as well as addressing practical issues of how groups can be organized in your area and problem solving the trickier aspects of group delivery.

What does it cost?

The course costs £500 for each participant. All participants receive a training manual, all copies of parent handouts and a DVD to be used as part of the course. The cost also includes a follow up consultation with the course organisers when the facilitator's first group is underway.

Bespoke courses can also be arranged for 5 or more staff at your place of work. Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss this.

Course feedback

Participants from previous courses have said

‘The presenters really modeled the approach and returned to the ‘kit’ throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed it’.

‘I can’t wait to get started; its given me lots of food for thought’

'The systematic approach to analysing behaviour and clear plans for parents to take away (was most useful)'

'Great course and instructors - thanks!'

'Such a fantastic course. Feeling very enthusiastic.'

'(Will) enable us to have more structure in our intervention process. Excellent teaching.'

'Very interesting and relevant to our jobs. Friendly atmosphere, good group discussions'

'Everything very visual, easier to absorb. Really good structure and intervention plans. Realistic for any type of parent/carer to take on'

'I really enjoyed the course and feel more motivated to move forward with new ideas'